Pimp your Groove

Pimp your Groove

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Art.Nr.: 978-3-89775-129-3
Hersteller: Mario Jahnke
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Mario Jahnke

Schlagzeugschule Band 3 für Fortgeschrittene
Das schrittweise Erlernen eines hohen professionellen Grades an musikalischer Spieltechnik und Unabhängigkeit, verbunden mit Dynamik, Phrasierung, Feeling und musikalischer Intelligenz, eröffnet dem Drummer eine künstlerische Ausdrucksfähigkeit von höchster Brillanz, Virtuosität und hebt die musikalisch-technischen Spielfähigkeiten in eine völlig neue Dimension.

Pimp your Groove

is all about the musical, technical and virtuoso finesse (e.g. accentuation, ghost notes, dynamics, phrasing & feeling) that is needed to make a groove and particularly your groove sound unique and magic.

It furthermore introduces my newly developed revolutionary four- (five-) way concept of groove as the main task of a drummer is and will always be the groove – in spite of the inevitable soloistic ability and regardless of the musical style.

All exercises have been tested successfully and make a lot of fun.

At the age of 11 Mario took his first drum lesson realizing his dedication for this musical instrument. His extraordinary talent enabled him to make his passion his profession at the age of 18. Always seeking to perfect his playing he went to the “Franz Liszt University of Music“ in Weimar graduating with a diploma. His crucial breakthrough was his tour with Jennifer Rush accompanying her on all major venues throughout Germany.

Today Mario is an experienced professional due to numerous tours Europe-wide, various TV Shows, collaborations with international artists such as the Rolling Stones saxophonist Dick-Heckstall Smith, Thomas Anders, Piero Mazzocchetti and sessions with Santana, David Bowie and many more. In a unique way Mario knows how to pass on his experience to drummers of any age at e.g. music fairs and drum clinics.

His expertise of more than 19 years of passionate drumming is to be found in this exceptional instruction book.

Mario is currently working as a sought after tour musician and workshop lecturer.




108 pages, incl. CD



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